Immune system plays a huge part-usually mature cats have a vibrant immune 
system, it’s the very young or older cats that would be more at risk, IMO.
Also, the FeLV cat’s immune system is compromised, I believe, so contact with 
other cats would be something to consider for the health of the FeLV diagnosed 
I have a cat diagnosed in 2010, that I strongly feel beat the virus-(answer to 
Prayer) he was older when I found him, the vet guessing him to be around 1 year 
We keep him in our guest room with a modified door so he “participates” in the 
hall/house activities and the room is ventilated.
I will not take him to the vet unless he becomes ill-keeping the STRESS down so 
no testing! 
My practice is to wash my hands with alcohol and or soap for 20 seconds
before & after I’m in his room. I keep his dishes sterile, no shared food or 
water or containers- but that’s about it.
Now- this is my practice and everyone needs to follow his/her own inner voice 
on this matter- just sharing - not pushing an agenda. lol
Gloria, furmommy to Buddy Luv
-g 🇺🇸
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> On Nov 22, 2017, at 11:04 AM, Amani Oakley <> wrote:
> We had a FeLV cat who lived to age 7. No other cat in our house was infected, 
> despite the fact that our vet initially said that the infection would 
> decimate the house. (We had at least 8 other cats.) That was the case event 
> though we never isolated our FeLV little boy (it would have been fairly 
> pointless as he had already been in the house almost a year by then) and even 
> though he played with and groomed several of the other cats in the house. I 
> have since read repeatedly that it really isn’t that infectious, especially 
> with adult cats. It is more of a risk with young kittens.
> Amani
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> I have three cats, and take care of other people’s cats.
> My daughter’s friend has a FeLV positive cat, can I keep her in a separate 
> room for a week, do I have to wash all the linens and clean the room, after 
> the cat goes back home?  It’s because I take care of other  friend’s cats 
> also and want to know if they can catch The disease. 

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