Hi Sherri

I hope you got some good news today. However, as you know, my experience is 
that the Winstrol needs to be used long term before the red cells are back into 
the normal range. I continue to recommend use of the Doxycyline to interfere 
with viral RNA synthesis. The Winstrol does not attack the virus, though I 
believe it makes the cat stronger overall and able to fight back. But at the 
outset of the treatment regime, I believe you must have the Doxycycline on 
board to try and reduce the viral load, or at least, keep it from rising.


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Hi Elizabeth,
I had commented a couple of times on your Facebook posts on the Felv+ Owners 
How has your cat been feeling since the transfusion? Has he been able to 
sustain any energy, appetite and such after his transfusion?
I am glad you found this board. I was given very good info here after Bogey was 
diagnosed. Her IFA was positive and so her bone marrow is affected. Her RBC was 
13 when I took her in. She had stopped playing, eating and was sleeping all the 
time. After being on the Prednisone her appetite rebounded. They also put her 
on an antibiotic that we have since stopped at the vets urging and added 
Stanzolol 2mg once a day. She goes back in tomorrow to see if her counts are 
better and I think they will be. Her gums are more pink, playing some and 
eating good. I am certain though that she is still quite anemic. We just need 
to show improvement with this treatment. I find myself saying all day today 
"Please be higher".
My point being they can rebound from the anemia.  I don't know for how long but 
I am going to give my cat the best chance at life that I can as I am sure you 
will and everyone else on this board does. Some cats can live a long time with 
FELV and some just cannot. I wish us all the best of luck.

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Hi everyone,

Looking for support, suggestions, and information. I've never had a cat with 
FeLV. We took our 1 year old, Hodor, to the vet because he seemed lethargic and 
in his stool there was a piece of floss that was red. At the vet things 
escalated and they told us he was severely anemic and would need a transfusion 
that day. I took off work and rushed him to a specialist. The vet there told us 
she would run an FeLV test before doing anything in case we wanted to avoid the 
extra tests and procedures. She told us he was FeLV positive and persistently 
talked to me and my fiance about euthanizing him which was out of the question 
for us. I took him to the vet thinking it was going to be minor and then she's 
talking to me about killing him! We went forward with the blood transfusion. 
It's been almost 3 weeks now. They had him on doxycycline  in case there was a 
bacterial cause, and prednisone. Last week he started interferon... Does anyone 
have experience with that and know if it was effective? I also started him on 
Pet Tinic.   Any other suggestions? Any insight into whether you think he will 
be able to pull through? He doesn't have cancer, they ran the tests but don't 
know if it's in the bone marrow.  I'm scared. We have another one year old, 
unrelated, and they are best friends. It breaks my heart to think they might be 
separated. She's not FeLV positive.

Additionally I have set up a go fund me to help with the costs we incurred, and 
I want to donate half to FeLV research if anyone is interested.

Mainly looking for support and advice. Thank you in advance.

Elizabeth McCarty, ASW #36438
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