I think it depends on the lab results. If the haematology values are within 
normal ranges (especially haematocrit, red cells, platelets and reticulocyte 
counts) I don’t think you need the Winstrol. What I might consider though is 
putting him on the Doxycycline, which I believe may slow down or interfere with 
the reproduction of the virus. I would be interested to see what the 
neutrophil/lymphocyte levels look like. You often see a reversal of the ratio 
(with lymphocytes rising) and/or abnormal lymphocytes developing, and this is 
also from the effects of the virus. The Doxycycline MIGHT help.

I should also point out that Winstrol used to be given to increase a cat’s 
appetite, strength, weight, and muscle mass. I believe it also acts positively 
on the bone marrow as per my experience and the scientific study I recently 
quoted, showing a positive improvement for people with osteoporosis, who were 
put on Winstrol. Thus, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do, to have a 3-4 week 
course on the Winstrol for a cat. It may help fortify the bone marrow, and the 
cat’s strength generally.


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Would you consider using this for a cat (1.7 years old) that is Positive but no 
showing any signs of the illness (yet) ?


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Winstrol – 1 mg twice a day

Doxycycline – 1/5 to ¼ tablet (100 mg) twice a day

Prednisolone – ½ 5 mg tablet, twice a day

If there are problems with the intestines (vomiting, constipation, slow moving 
stools, stools of large diameters, all of which might be indicative of the 
effect of the virus on the intestines) you can try adding ¼ tablet of 

If the haematocrit level is REALLY REALLY low – like below 5-8, you might 
consider starting the Winstrol at 2 mg twice a day for a week, to try and 
kickstart things quickly, but given that there is going to be a likely increase 
in liver enzymes with the use of Winstrol, recognize that this might also 
increase the liver enzymes faster.

Hope this helps!


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Could you please give the dosages used for Zander's Protocol? I know they must 
have been previously given, but I cannot seem to find them.



On 9/16/2016 8:52 AM, Amani Oakley wrote:
Hi Sherri

I hope you got some good news today. However, as you know, my experience is 
that the Winstrol needs to be used long term before the red cells are back into 
the normal range. I continue to recommend use of the Doxycyline to interfere 
with viral RNA synthesis. The Winstrol does not attack the virus, though I 
believe it makes the cat stronger overall and able to fight back. But at the 
outset of the treatment regime, I believe you must have the Doxycycline on 
board to try and reduce the viral load, or at least, keep it from rising.


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