That is so frustrating. It would be nice if we could concentrate on getting
our fur-babies better, and not have to battle vets who won't cooperate.
Doxycycline is a necessary part of the treatment if you ask me :)


One of my vets finally gave up and gave me the prescriptions that I wanted
for Tigg.





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Amani, I did discuss my fears of stopping the Stanzolol but he told me
basically that this is how we were going to do it. I also mentioned the
doxycycline. Which I got just a shake of the head. I can't double up Bogeys
meds because they only give me so much of it.until our next appointment
actually. I'm not comfortable with trying to find another vet because the
likelihood of them giving out Stanzolol is a turkey shoot. I feel a little
helpless here. Hopefully she will continue to get a little better each time
on what he is prescribing for her. Thanks for writing.


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Sorry - I was looking at the wrong thing when I mentioned the lymphocytes. I
was actually noticing the MCHC going up (mean cell haemoglobin
concentration) which is also a good thing.


They lymphocytes have gone up, not down, and emphasizes the need for the
doxycycline in my opinion.




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Well we got good news at the vets office today. Not great but good. Bogey
was on Pred and Stanzolol for 14 days. The vet then wanted her off
(Stanzolol) for 14 days then back on to cycle her on it. Bogey then went
into heat on the 5th off day so I called the vet 4 days into her heat
because it seemed to be very hard on her. He had me go right back on the
Stanzolol and her heat ended the next day. So what we had was 2 weeks on, 10
days off and been back on it now for 7 days. Her are her results from 9/16
and the ones from 8/24.



RBC                                                     2.57

HCT                                                     15.3

HGB                                     5.5

MCV                                    59.1

MCH                                    21.4

MCHC                                  36.2

RDW                                    23.7

RETIC                                  78.1

WBC                                    14.47

NEU                                     4.07

LYM                                                    8.83

MONO                                1.52

EOS                                                     .004

BASO                                   .010

PLT                                                      88


She did not have a fever today and had gained almost .75 of a pound since
8/1. She is still playing some, eating and drinking well. But still is
wobbly and sleeps quite a bit. She is holding her own on this drug combo and
the vet was very happy especially with the PLT, which I need to read about
again. We are keeping her on it for 30 days this next cycle and rechecking
then. (Although I will probably take her in before that because I am a


Just thought I would post this for other FELV+ owners incase you were
doubting this drug (Stanzolol) because of the potential of damage later in
life. Remember we must get them to "later in life" first.

Thank you all and best wishes.



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