It's not the same, Robert, and I am not sure it would work. The Epogen acts on 
the kidneys to secrete erythropoietin, which is a hormone that tells the bone 
marrow to produce more red cells.

The problem, in my opinion, is that the FeLV infiltrates the red cell 
progenitor cells in the bone marrow and either kills them or takes them over so 
that they make viruses, not red cells. My hypothesis is that when the red cell 
production stops, it is because all the progenitor cells have been destroyed or 
taken over the by virus. Thus, giving Epogen probably won't be helpful, because 
the cells which normally respond to erythropoietin by creating more red cells, 
can no longer do so because the progenitor cells are damaged or dead and can no 
longer produce red cells.

Winstrol is known to be good for osteoporosis. My hypothesis is that it 
strengthens the bone marrow by encouraging the growth of new cells in the bone 
marrow. That would explain how red cell production gets started back up again 
with the use of Winstrol.

With the Epogen, it is causing more erythropoietin to be produced to "tell" the 
progenitor cells to produce red cells, but the progenitor cells are either dead 
or damaged by the virus and can no longer respond appropriately to the 
detection of higher levels of erythropoietin. Epogen might work if you start it 
before the bone marrow is really devastated - ie - before you get the big drop 
in red cells and haematocrit.

Fair warning though: this is all my hypothesis, based on my own observations, 
research and experience.


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Wondering if anyone in the group has any experience with Epogen or Procrit ( 
and other such RBC enhancing drugs typically used with Kidney Failure 
patients)....   It's appears to be quite a bit cheaper when used for veterinary 
purposes than human....   As the go to drug for anemia in Kidney patients it 
would stand to reason that it " should" work for Feline anemia......    There 
will not be the same resistance to using this as we encounter attempting to 
procure Winstrol......

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