Hi Molly

I tried Immunoregulin for a long time with my FeLV little boy, but it was 
completely ineffective. You need to be doing regular (weekly or every other 
week) blood testing, to monitor whether the Immunoregulin is helping or not.

If not, then don’t run through the full 21 weeks. There would be no point and 
you will waste valuable time while she worsens.

I had good luck using a combination of Doxycycline (1/2 100 mg twice a day) 
plus Winstrol (1 mg x2 day) plus prednisone/prednisolone (1/2 5 mg tablet x2 a 
day). Even on this protocol, I recommend close weekly or bi-weekly monitoring 
so you can see if you start getting a rise in the red cell indices, etc. Don’t 
let your vet talk you out of one or another of these medications. You can’t 
substitute another antibiotic for the Doxycycline, for example. Doxycycline has 
anti-RNA properties (which allows it to interfere with the replication of 
viruses when other antibiotics don’t do this.)

Some people in this group have also reported excellent results with “Zander’s 
Protocol” while others have not. I am hypothesizing that this may be due to the 
fact that it appears there may be as many as five different strains of the 
virus, so perhaps the different strains respond or don’t respond to certain 
things. The other thing that may affect outcome is timing. The virus shuts down 
the bone marrow by killing or taking over the cells in the bone marrow. At some 
point, there will be little in the bone marrow to turn back on (which it 
appears the Winstrol can do in some instances).


P.S. – For those of you keeping score, I have corrected my previous description 
of Zander’s Protocol because I found an old pill bottle and realized I had been 
giving him ½ a 100 mg Doxy tablet twice a day, not a ¼ tablet as I had 
previously reported. Sorry for any confusion.

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I am new to the list. Three weeks ago my 5-year old Mia kitty was diagnosed 
with FeLv. The ELISA test showed slightly + for FeLv. I took her to the vet’s 
initially because her lymph nodes were raging – all of them premandibular, 
prescapular, inguinal all the way to the popliteals were enlarged.
A needle aspirate of the lymph nodes result was hyperplasia, no lymphosarcoma. 
White blood cell count was normal, but she was anemic, but not to the point of 
needing a transfusion.
I was devastated and stunned at this diagnosis because she (the whole litter) 
was tested as kittens for FIV and FeLv and were negative. My vet said the 
disease can stay in the bone marrow. I have her brother who is asymptomatic – 
confusing. I haven’t had him tested yet for FeLv yet.
My vet recommended treatment with Immunoregulin. The protocol per Plumb’s is an 
IV injection twice weekly for two weeks, then 1 injection once weekly for 21 
weeks. She is now in her 4th week of treatment.
For the first two weeks, her lymph nodes decreased and became softer. But after 
the 2nd week her lymph nodes are raging again despite the treatments. She is 
eating well, but not very active.
Has anyone had experience with this treatment or any other treatment(s) or 
advice to help my little girl?

Thanks in advance,

Pat Peterson
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