I went thru the lymph node thing with one cat three years ago. All external 
nodes were the size of a golfball. His were so bad internally that they 
obstructed his bowel. He was in a household with FeLV+s, so we assumed 
lymphosarcoma. I took him in, and it was my first contact with a new Vet. I 
told her I had no desire to put a dying cat thru very much, if she could just 
relieve the constipation, and try to shrink the nodes, I'd just take him home 
and make him comfortable. She (surprisingly, to me) didn't quibble, gave him an 
enema, prescribed an antibiotic (I chose Zenequin), and a course of 
prednisolone. He recovered completely, and there's never been a recurrence. 

I don't know if he's FeLV+. None of us expected him to live, so no bloodwork 
was done. 

Just my experience.


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>I haave had no problems with this, all I can offer is prayer.
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>>  I am new to the list. Three weeks ago my 5-year old Miakitty was diagnosed 
>> with FeLv. The ELISA test showed slightly + for FeLv. Itook her to the vet’s 
>> initially because her lymph nodes were raging – all ofthem premandibular, 
>> prescapular, inguinal all the way to the popliteals wereenlarged. A needle 
>> aspirate of the lymph nodes result was hyperplasia,no lymphosarcoma. White 
>> blood cell count was normal, but she was anemic, butnot to the point of 
>> needing a transfusion.I was devastated and stunned at this diagnosis because 
>> she(the whole litter) was tested as kittens for FIV and FeLv and were 
>> negative. Myvet said the disease can stay in the bone marrow. I have her 
>> brother who isasymptomatic – confusing. I haven’t had him tested yet for 
>> FeLv yet.My vet recommended treatment with Immunoregulin. Theprotocol per 
>> Plumb’s is an IV injection twice weekly for two weeks, then 1injection once 
>> weekly for 21 weeks. She is now in her 4th week oftreatment. For the first 
>> two weeks, her lymph nodes decreased and becamesofter. But after the 2nd 
>> week her lymph nodes are raging againdespite the treatments. She is eating 
>> well, but not very active. Has anyone had experience with this treatment or 
>> any othertreatment(s) or advice to help my little girl? Thanks in advance,  
>> Pat Peterson
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