Thank you all for the information for my Mia kitty. 
I have a few more questions for Amani concerning Zander's Protocol: 
doxycycline - Should a calculated dose be used based on weight of animal for 
this or is the dose that you give apply to all cats. Mia is a small girl - 
weighs 7 lbs. Also, how long should she be taking the meds. Is it the normal 
7-10 days to 2 weeks antibiotic regimen or longer?Prednisolone - I assume this 
is the normal protocol for this drug - a loading dose with tapering 
doses.winstrol - looks like this is taken until the hematocrit reaches near 
normal range. Then, should this be continued to maintain a normal level forever?
Thank you all again. I am grateful for your intelligent feedback and experience 
on this subject. I am at a loss since I have never had a FeLV cat in the many 
decades I've had the privilege of sharing my life with my cat companions.  
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