Hi Molly

Zander was less than 7 pounds when he was on this protocol. This is the 
Doxycycyline dose I used for him. Zander was on his protocol for 10 months or 
so, until his lab results showed his haematocrit, red cells, white cells and 
platelets all back in the normal ranges, and holding there. That last part is 
important, because it took a long time before I was able to taper Zander off 
the meds and keep his numbers in the normal ranges.

For the prednisolone, I did not use a loading dose, but I tapered all the meds, 
as I was trying to wean him – ensuring that the lab results would let me.

With respect to the Winstrol, after the haematology numbers stabilized, I 
weaned Zander off, and then kept an eagle eye on him. If I sensed his energy 
had flagged, or his ears, gums or pads looked less pink, I would put him back 
on the Winstrol for 4 to 6 weeks, and re-tested him or when I was satisfied his 
colour was okay again.


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Thank you all for the information for my Mia kitty.

I have a few more questions for Amani concerning Zander's Protocol:

doxycycline - Should a calculated dose be used based on weight of animal for 
this or is the dose that you give apply to all cats. Mia is a small girl - 
weighs 7 lbs. Also, how long should she be taking the meds. Is it the normal 
7-10 days to 2 weeks antibiotic regimen or longer?
Prednisolone - I assume this is the normal protocol for this drug - a loading 
dose with tapering doses.
winstrol - looks like this is taken until the hematocrit reaches near normal 
range. Then, should this be continued to maintain a normal level forever?

Thank you all again. I am grateful for your intelligent feedback and experience 
on this subject. I am at a loss since I have never had a FeLV cat in the many 
decades I've had the privilege of sharing my life with my cat companions.
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