You know, Brian, I thought of you and Gilbert regularly. I was actually happy 
not to have heard from you, thinking that things must be fine. I am so sorry to 
hear of Gilbert's loss. It is wonderful that you were able to give him so much 
love in this world. 


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No mail has appeared in my mailbox from this group for quite  long while so I 
thought I would inquire as to whether _ I _ am just missing mail that HAS been 
going to others or if the group has simply not been active for a couple of 
months..... Generally it has been my experience that once I write one of these 
notes I start to get mail once again... NO idea why....
I thought of all of you recently when it was time to put my Hospice Cat ( 
Gilbert) down.... Third cat I have lost in a year....   I'm 0 for 3 at this 
point and am thinking it might be time to take on a more healthy animal but I 
keep harkening back to amani's words... If not us... who??
 Certainly not the people who don't much care about cats...nor the vast 
majority of people who HAVE cats.....  There are SO many deserving animals out 
there that have problems that place them low on the adoption list....  they ALL 
deserve to have a home and someone to see them as special....  Gilbert was not 
adoptable with his brain injury...though ALL of the volunteers thought him 
special...still... no one came forward when he developed cancer though they all 
truly DID care that he was going to die....  He had a good life for his last 
few months... sitting on the porch...looking out the window.... and more 
petting and love than even HE wanted.  As is usually the case.... it was 
probably harder on me than him when it came time.... He stopped eating, it was 
painful for him to get his oral meds and even subq pain killers did little... 
He was constipated and just hid out all day... The Tumor was forcing his one 
eye to protrude and the other to recede... it would have been cruel to ask him 
to endure more..... A beautiful sweet animal.... I miss him terribly...
Curious to see if I find the list active with this submission.....


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