Hi Bob, I am sorry to hear of Gilbert's passing and that his disease
started progressing.


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On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 9:36 PM, ROBERT CHAPEL <bcha...@optonline.net>

> No mail has appeared in my mailbox from this group for quite  long while
> so I thought I would inquire as to whether _ I _ am just missing mail that
> HAS been going to others or if the group has simply not been active for a
> couple of months..... Generally it has been my experience that once I write
> one of these notes I start to get mail once again... NO idea why....
> I thought of all of you recently when it was time to put my Hospice Cat (
> Gilbert) down.... Third cat I have lost in a year....   I'm 0 for 3 at this
> point and am thinking it might be time to take on a more healthy animal but
> I keep harkening back to amani's words... If not us... who??   Certainly
> not the people who don't much care about cats...nor the vast majority of
> people who HAVE cats.....  There are SO many deserving animals out there
> that have problems that place them low on the adoption list....  they ALL
> deserve to have a home and someone to see them as special....  Gilbert was
> not adoptable with his brain injury...though ALL of the volunteers thought
> him special...still... no one came forward when he developed cancer though
> they all truly DID care that he was going to die....  He had a good life
> for his last few months... sitting on the porch...looking out the
> window.... and more petting and love than even HE wanted.  As is usually
> the case.... it was probably harder on me than him when it came time.... He
> stopped eating, it was painful for him to get his oral meds and even subq
> pain killers did little... He was constipated and just hid out all day...
> The Tumor was forcing his one eye to protrude and the other to recede... it
> would have been cruel to ask him to endure more..... A beautiful sweet
> animal.... I miss him terribly...
> Curious to see if I find the list active with this submission.....
> Bob...
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