It is so terrible how quickly Felv can steal a cats life...but it's so great that you gave that little guy the love and attention I SO wish could/would be accorded every deserving animal ( read...ALL)... my cat Jelly was a strapping tiger stripe one month with perfect blood work and three weeks later he was dead.... I'm still wrestling ( and always will) with when is the right time to put a kitty down and I'm leaning now toward sooner rather than later.... We get so attached to our little guys and girls that parting from them seems overwhelming... but the fact that they are still eating and perhaps purring from time to time doesn't really tell us their level of discomfort...  I know that, for me at least, I'd rather be gone than be maintained on pain medication and bed ridden ( as is the case for most hospice people and animals) I let my boy Gilbert linger too long, I think, in retrospect because he was eating well... but the rest of the time he literally slept and often hid out.... I'm thinking that the next time I have a cat that is hiding out more than laying out in the open i will use THAT as the sign that quality of life just simply is no longer there....  When a cat feels disabled enough that he feels vulnerable exposed ( and you KNOW that he has a serious disease that is not going to improve) it's probably time to let him go....  Yes... I wish he could have told me... but... that's OUR job at this point......  After three deaths I'm getting a little sharper about how much of keeping them alive is for me and how much for them.... Often FeLV takes the decision out of our hands and claims them so quickly that we don't have to pain over this..... a mixed blessing to be sure. BTW...Amani...   I am fond of the name Brian but my parents named me Bob : )


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