Good for you!  That is what I did and my vet was impressed with the amount of 
information and said it certainly was worth investigating.  More people should 
give vets a nudge to get them to research before saying no.

---- wrote: 
> Dear Kitty Friends,
> I've attached a number of exchanges regarding the use of Winstrol to combat 
> FeLV. I;m taking my compilation to my vet and telling her (well firmly 
> asking) to read through the information and begin to do her own research. Our 
> vets need to do at least two pieces of research/investigation. First, they 
> need to research the efficacy of using steroids on cats and secondly, they 
> need to find legal supply routes to obtain Winstrol/Stargate. If I've missed 
> any significant parts of our exchanges, please tell me and resend those 
> parts. I'll add them to what we have and it will all be in one place. Thanks 
> to all  of you for weighing in on this critical subject

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