I will email you directly with a bunch of other articles I have compiled, 
including the original scientific publication which appears to have started the 
whole hysteria regarding liver failure in cats being caused by Winstrol. I have 
highlighted and notated the study so you can see how very poorly designed the 
study is, and the serious flaws with their logic and conclusions.

I don’t think I can post attachments to this chatline.


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Dear Kitty Friends,
I've attached a number of exchanges regarding the use of Winstrol to combat 
FeLV. I;m taking my compilation to my vet and telling her (well firmly asking) 
to read through the information and begin to do her own research. Our vets need 
to do at least two pieces of research/investigation. First, they need to 
research the efficacy of using steroids on cats and secondly, they need to find 
legal supply routes to obtain Winstrol/Stargate. If I've missed any significant 
parts of our exchanges, please tell me and resend those parts. I'll add them to 
what we have and it will all be in one place. Thanks to all  of you for 
weighing in on this critical subject
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