Bentonite edible white clay and pectin work wonders for diarrhea!
These are natural remedies and the dosage does not have to be exact.
I mix a bit of clay and open a capsule of apple pectin with water and
syringe a 3cc syringe, almost full, into the cats mouth.  It does not
taste bad (no taste) but of course the cat will protest as they
alwayss do :-(   Pet shops or Swanson Viamins carry both products.

Lorrie and ten rescued cats at home.

On 02-22, Ardy Robertson wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> If all else has failed to cure Jerry's diarrhea, you might try an
> extremely old remedy that was used on humans back in the 1930's.
> They used a cast iron frying pan and burned flour in it. I don't
> think they used any oil of any kind - just the flour and possibly a
> small amount of water, and just stir it until it browns and sort of
> burns. Then get him to eat a small amount. Apparently this was
> given to babies who had life-threatening diarrhea when nothing else
> worked.
> I suppose though, if you can't get it stopped, it might be
> something like a parasite causing it? Not sure....just trying to
> help ????
> Ardy

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