Hi all – Pam, Sorry to hear about your Ally.  My Peekers will be 20 in April, 
and I’m not sure she will make it to this milestone. Her joints seem to be 
giving out, and she eats sporadically although she drinks a lot of water 
(diabetic?). Who knows……. At this point we are just keeping her as comfy as 
possible and putting up with her very loud talking (she must be a bit deaf). I 
don’t even know what 20 would be in cat years.


And our Topaz is doing well. She is doing a lot of the things Tigger used to 
do. I have come to the conclusion cats react to the way their family treats 





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Hi Bob and all,  

I don't realize I am not seeing posts until someone else mentions about not 
seeing posts.

I lost my Ally three days after Christmas.  A little less than a month later I 
was notified by a parent of one of my students about a 6+-year-old boy who was 
Fiv+ and FelV+; owner died and was at a shelter in the southern tier of NY.   
He is doing well and his name is also Tommy.  I took home a FIV+ older cat (vet 
through FIV was flaring and I wanted him to have a home and lots of love for 
whatever time he has.  He is playing, eating, and giving lots of love and 
demanding lots of love!  He is living in my Master suit while he is being 
vaccinated against FelV+ and can be with his Sunny and Tommy who are super 
eager to meet him :).   



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Odd that we are getting mail from Dec simply because someone decided to 

Presuming there has not been much activity in the list for a few months ???   I 
am happy to report that my shelter had not received any FELV+ for a few months 
and just recently received 6... upon retesting, mercifully, so far only one has 
come up positive ( sadly the youngest and cutest of the bunch) quessing the 
others had been older when they had their exposure....  Think we might already 
have a place that will give a home to this cutie.... unfortunately not a 
family... but better than having the little guy in isolation here at our 
shelter..... He needs company....

Hope all is well with your Kitties.... my two old guys are doing pretty 
well..... Tommy had 5 teeth extracted and it gave him a new lease on life..... 
He's MUCH more active and happy and FATTER.... Jerry is still suffering his 
chronic diarrhea and we are still looking for ways to control it ( all the 
usual NON medicine interventions have failed so far.....

Bob in Warwick NY

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