I have an amazing cat named Batman who a year ago as a kitten tested
positive for FelV. His brother also texted positive, after 2 other tests
later on after the antibodies from the mother had cleared, Batman still
tested positive while his brother was negative.

Fast forward a year and both of them were doing great. I was away on
vacation and left them with a full time cat sitter, who notice about a week
ago that Batman was not going up stairs as much, but we figured this could
be to him just adjusting to a new person in his home. When I arrived back
home I immediately noticed he was not moving well and as the day progressed
he was losing more mobility in his front paws. I took him to the emergency
room where they thought he had experienced a trauma, and discharged him
with 2 types of pain meds. The pain meds were a disaster, and he lost
further mobility. From there we took him to Pennsylvania Vet. Hospital,
which is supposed to be one of the best in the country, they realized he
was having neurological issues, did a bunch of testing, his vitals and
blood work were all good. An x-ray revealed no masses in his chest or
spine. At this point they felt it was a cancer in his column, most likely
lymphoma. The Vet thought that he was quite young even given his FeLV
positive status to have lymphoma, but given how fast he was becoming
completely paralyzed, there were not many other diagnosis that fit the
bill. The vet started him on Prednisolone and Clindamycin, and within hours
he regained movement in his legs and was walking again. Yesterday he was
jumping and scratching on his post again, and eating and drinking. Last
night his behavior changed and he kept trying to hide which is very unlike
him, however I thought that maybe he was just tired, he had gone from
completely paralyzed to jumping in 3 days. But this morning it was apparent
that he was not ok, he did eat after much encouragement, but has moved very
very little. I have called the Vet and am waiting to hear back but I'm not
optimistic. Has anyone had this experience? I don't want to put him down if
there is a chance he could come back but he is hardly moving and seems like
him trying to hide was him trying to find a place to pass away
quietly. Batman is so young and he is the sweetest cat I have ever owned,
and his brother can't get along with out him.  I will try anything to keep
him alive but I want him to have a good quality life. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.

Also I apologize if I did not use this forum correctly. I wasn't sure if I
emailed the group or how it works so I hope this does work.
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