Hello again,


Here are the results of my cousin Tom's cat Baby's traditional
(non-viral-load) bloodwork.


Her anemia is gone!  This is VERY good new!  And all the rest of her
bloodwork is entirely normal. By all measures, it is better than February's
was, done soon after she was bitten. I noticed when she arrived here on 4/5
that she was FAR more active than in February, so I think she's feeling much

But she tested positive via IDEXX's RealPCR "fever of unknown origin" for
one subtype of mycoplasma - they are ubiquitous (soil, etc) and some
subtypes can cause anemia. Unfortunately that IDEXX test can find the
mycoplasma DNA/RNA, but can't tell if she's just getting it, or did have it
and is recovering.  The options were to treat her, else repeat bloodwork in
1 month to see if it's gone. But because her FeLV status can make her more
vulnerable to not being able to fight off infections, it seemed sensible to
go ahead and treat her. So she's getting doxycycline for 28 days.

Baby is back home now and loving life. (-: 


Best regards,


- Lorraine 


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