On 15/09/2016 11:11, Thomas Volkert wrote:

Yes, it is quite a bit of unnecessary overhead, but it's much cleaner
than #ifdeffery in a single source file.

In general, I don't like the idea of having 2 source files with almost
the same content. This usually indicates to me that the code structure
could be improved.
But ...you said you take over the maintenance which is needed. So, I am
fine with this step as long as the old file gets dropped soon (in terms
of months instead of years).
(And I also don't like a flood of #ifdefs. ;) )

Yes, ffplay_sdl1.c will get dropped as soon as support for Debian old-stable is dropped.

Also, to change ffplay.c for most fixes as you'd have to reflect the
change on either side of the #ifdefs, so you don't gain anything from
not splitting the sources.

I agree for SDL related patches. This apparently has to be done for SDL1
as well as SDL2.
However, for other patches you have to do copy+paste to get them in both
ffplay source files.
But see above .. I am fine if you compensate this.

That's fine then

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