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Sorry, I wasn't immediately able to find the sources for the
ndi library: Please post a link.

The only official way I know to get the SDK is by providing them with
an email when selecting "Download": https://www.newtek.com/ndi/sdk/

Do you have the sources that allow to build the library "ndi" (that
FFmpeg links against), to change it and redistribute it?

No, the library comes pre built in the SDK.

If you need to link against a proprietary binary, then the resulting
binary is no longer GPL compatible, and as such non-free, no matter
the license of the headers.

Good to know, thanks for clearing this up. Sounds like NewTek might be
a little confused about this:

This applies only to the CLI. The libraries are LGPL, so things may be
different there depending on how things are packaged/linked. The LGPL
permits distributing proprietary object files such that a functioning
library may be linked together. See https://www.gnu.org/licenses/g

The SDK license agreement also mentions that it's unredistributable.
Doesn't that make it as nonfree as decklink's?

Oh yeah, that puts a damper on things. The only way around that is dlopen() or RPC, neither of which is going to make it into FFmpeg

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