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> You can use getfsstat(..., ..., MNT_NOWAIT) to get the current list of
> mounted filesystems.
> (Note: this will include things you may not consider a "filesystem" or
> "volume".
> For example, synthetic autofs directories (/net, /home, /Network/Servers).)

That appears to be the low level alternative to FSGetVolumeInfo then, which
gives me the same odd list.

However, whether a remote filesystem is "accessible" or not is never
> certain.
> Even if you *just* accessed files on it, a millisecond later that server
> may become inaccessible.

I am not worried about cases where I believe the server is available and
the next second it isn't any more.

The common scenario which I like to deal with is this: User uses his
laptop, err Macbook, at one location (work) where he has access to the
network shares, thereby automounting them, then he puts the computer to
sleep, moves home, wakes up the computer and now all those shares are
offline. If he then uses my software, I like to see that I don't cause any
more attempts to re-mount them just by browsing the list of once-mounted

I'll look into what Jim Luther wrote, though it sounds like that won't help
me either.

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