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> My question : is the ID of the new name always guaranteed to +1 the ID of the 
> old name?

Definitely not.

What's your high-level goal here?  If you're just interested in a single file, 
James's suggestion would work.  If you're trying to monitor an entire hierarchy 
of files, you're going to have to rethink you're assumptions.  FSEvents is 
designed to notify you about events in the file system so that you can then go 
look in the file system to find the current state of things and sync based on 
that.  It's not designed to feed you a stream of events with sufficient 
fidelity to reconstruct how the file system go into its current state.

Think about its primary clients, namely Time Machine and Spotlight.  Both of 
them treat the files on disk as the truth and use FSEvents solely to be 
notified of changes.

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