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> That is, I can create a bookmark for a file, rename/move that file, and
> the bookmark will still find it.

A problem only comes up when the user moves or renames the file and then
creates a new file in the original place, and then you try to resolve the
bookmark. At that point, we should be able to choose whether to prefer the
item found by its ID or by its path. And if I understand Jim right, then
this isn't possible any more - the OS makes a choice for us, and we don't
know which (well, we can find out empirically).

At least, for now, bookmark files still use the old Alias record format,
and I've specifically written my own code to decypher them in order to be
able to extract both the path and the ID so that I can find the file myself
using the way of my choice. In fact, it allows me to detect if there's a
file at both places, and I can alert the user to give him the choice.

But once Apple changes the format as well, I'm screwed, I guess.

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