On 25/02/2009 Peter Marquis-Kyle wrote:
> I say scan once, at the
> highest resolution the scanner can do (in this case 4000 spi), and
> create the best archive image for whatever use happens later.

Agreed. 4000ppi will also reduce any issues with grain aliasing, which can
be more of a problem at 2700ppi especially with Nikon scanners because the
LED lightsource is semi-collimated.

Disk space is cheap compared to the sheer arduous displeasure of scanning!

> I would
> also consider using the greater bit depth Carlisle's Nikon scanner can
> capture, even though this will double the storage space needed for
> each
> file.

Agreed again. Save as 16bit TIFF because the greater precision is more
tolerant of processing, at least until you have completed all
post-production. If you aren't likely to want to make further changes at
that point the final files can be downsampled to 8 bit.


Tony Sleep

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