I too found the same thing.  Even though covered up the mirror got
really dusty and the scans were really poor.
Tony's instructions are pretty much what I had to do and I used
denatured alcohol with a small piece of lint-free optical cloth.
Just be sure not to get the swab or whatever you use too moist as drops
will form on the mirror and the cleaning solution/alcohol will drip into
things is shouldn't.

I guess I have another question - has anyone compared their SS4000 slide
scans to the Epson V750/V700?  I find the SS4000 to be terribly slow.
I'm looking to archive a couple of years of slides and there's no way I
want to do it with the SS4000.  I'd like to mount as many as possible
and do a batch scan if possible.

So I'm looking at the Epson V750/V700 or perhaps picking up a Nikon
Coolscan 5000 + slide feeder and then selling it after I'm done.

I'd be using Vuescan.

Thanks -


Roger Smith wrote:
> This is very encouraging, Tony. I have had my ancient SS4000 under a
> cover for several years as well, and I'm sure it could use a similar
> cleaning. I may give it a try. I take it that re-assembly was not a
> great problem?
> Cheers,
> Roger Smith
> On 13-Jun-09, at 12:48 PM, Tony Sleep wrote:
>> On 13/06/2009 James L. Sims wrote:
>>> With the support for my Polaroid Sprintscan 120 now unavailable, I am
>>> looking for a replacement.
>> Vuescan should resolve antique s/w issues on Windows, though SCSI
>> support
>> may become more awkward I believe ASPI drivers are available for
>> Vista. On
>> Mac I don't know with current OSX, but similar was possible. Same
>> applies
>> to SCSI Nikons etc.
>> Regarding physical service, I recently popped the lid off my
>> Polaroid 4000
>> (4 lever tabs) as it seemed to have got rather flary and low
>> contrast with
>> some strongly backlit slides that included bright backgrounds, despite
>> living under a dust cover when not in use.
>> Half a dozen  self-tappers later and I was able to remove the lamp
>> holder
>> and the top of the film carrier carriage. I was then able to clean the
>> angled mirror with a DSLR sensor swab - it was covered in a thick
>> layer of
>> dust. Inspection with a torch showed the lens to be clean,
>> reflected in
>> the mirror. I then cleaned every trace of dust and dirt from the
>> mechanism
>> surfaces I could get at, and wiped and re-lubricated the helical
>> carriage
>> advance screws.
>> Result : a total transformation! Scans bright and clean, loads more
>> shadow
>> detail - virtually everything in Kodachrome. No flare and colour much
>> easier to get spot on. The mechanism sounds happier for lubrication
>> too.
>> No more misfeeding neg carrier either, which the scanner has been
>> mistaking for the slide carrier half the time, for about the last 4
>> years.
>> I wish I'd done it earlier, as I now think I should really rescan
>> quite a lot.
>>> Has anyone had any experience with Epson's
>>> V750M?  The specs. look impressive if they hold up.
>> No experience, but if I had the money I'd have bought one to scan the
>> relatively small amount of 120 I have. From reading reviews the
>> V750 is
>> very little different from the much cheaper V700. Lens coating
>> seems very
>> slightly better and you get Silverfast with the 750. Most important
>> factor
>> appears to be stand-offs for the film carrier, which can be
>> improvised.
>> Personally I'd use Vuescan anyway.
>> --
>> Regards
>> Tony Sleep
>> http://tonysleep.co.uk
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