I’ve spent a few hours playing with the Dorico trial.
The workflow seems terrible.. 
Can anyone answer some basic things? (I’ve rtfm…)
How can I add bars?
Can I use the arrow keys to input notes rather than a, b, c etc?
I was really hoping that Dorico would be open and modeless, in the sense that 
if I grab something, I should be able to move it.
That doesn’t even seem to be the case with basic text.
How do (easily) move a bar from one system to the next. Things like this (I 
thought) had been solved simply by Finale and Sibelius already. Dorico seems to 
be re-inventing the wheel for the hell of it (or patent avoidance..?).

In general, is there some way to create a layout of systems and bars and *then* 
add the notes?

If you can help, maybe reply off list. This is in no way urgent!


Steve P.
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