Finale has a great help file section.  That is the only user manual that I 
use…and when I can’t figure things out, I ask my colleagues on this List.  As 
far as I know, a printed manual is not available.  If I am mistaken, my fellow 
Finale Listers will certainly correct me.

Larry Eden

> On Aug 4, 2017, at 2:41 PM, Michael Edwards <> wrote:
> Hallo.
>      After many years of considering which music notation software to 
> buy, and a decade or more of forgetting entirely about notation 
> software, I have finally bought Finale.  I have been on this mailing 
> list earlier on (possibly still am but my account was turned off, and I 
> have started a new one), and posted quite often for a couple of years, 
> but may well be long since forgotten by now.
>      Of course there are many things about Finale I will need to find 
> out, and I hope I can ask about some of them here.
>      But perhaps a reply to my first question will save me from having 
> to ask many future questions here.  It is simply this: is there an 
> up-to-date user manual I can download from anywhere?  The most recent 
> one I found was from 2009, and, while I expect a lot of information 
> there will still apply, I expect quite a bit will have changed also.  I 
> do not have Internet access at home - only when at my mother's or at the 
> local library - so I will not be able to read the on-line manual at home 
> - only at my mother's, because I cannot install and use Finale on the 
> library computers.
>      So am I likely to find a current manual anywhere?  Or can I ask 
> MakeMusic to mail me a paper copy?  Or, failing that, are there any 
> third-party reference books published on how to use Finale (preferably 
> referring to the current version)?
>      Thank you.
> Michael Edwards.
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