Thanks for that, Lawrence and David.
      Lawrence, would you mind please giving me a link for the help file 
section you mentioned?  I tried looking around on the Finale site, but 
might have been looking in the wrong area or possibly even the wrong 
      David, I'll make a note of those books and see if I can find them.
      I will be glad if I am able to get answers here.  But my purpose 
in wanting a manual was twofold: I would have something to refer to when 
I'm not on the Internet and able to post here; and also I do expect to 
have dozens and dozens of probably quite elementary questions, and it 
would save a lot of posting of fiddly little questions here (which have 
probably been posted dozens of times before) if I was able to find out 
at least the more basic things on my own.

Michael Edwards.

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