On 8/5/2017 5:59 AM, Lawrence David Eden wrote:
> Finale has a great help file section.  That is the only user manual that I 
> use…and when I can’t figure things out, I ask my colleagues on this List.  As 
> far as I know, a printed manual is not available.  If I am mistaken, my 
> fellow Finale Listers will certainly correct me.

Printed manuals from Finale aren't available but there are the Finale 
Trailblazer books by Mark Johnson which are available and are very 
excellently laid out, providing the sort of informative explanations 
that the very old Finale 3-volume physical manuals used to provide.  I 
believe you can order them from Finalemusic.com or from Amazon.  To the 
best of my knowledge there hasn't been one for Finale25 but there is one 
for Finale2014 which should be fine for use with Finale25.

I second Lawrence's comment that asking for help in this group is a 
great resource.  You'll get answers faster and in many cases more 
correct than some answers you'll receive from Finale's tech support 
team, and definitely you'll receive the answers much faster and with 
less bother than going through Finale's tech-support process.

David H. Bailey
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