I’m running Finale on a MacBook Pro  running Sierra 10.12.6

Upon upgrading I had more that the usual trouble getting the software to
see the keyboard but I can kluge around it by opening the file ,them
closing it and restarting the computer.

     What’s driving me crazy is that on playback the volume will drop down
until it is practically or in some cases actually inaudible. I am currently
working in a piece for pipe organ, tenor sax and electric guitar.
Sometimes the horn and the guitar come through fine but part or all of the
organ disappears. At the moment the organ and the sax are coming through
fine but the guitar is gone. This is particularly irritating since I am
also the guitarist.

   The volume drop problem goes back at least as far as 2010 when I was
working on an old power book.
      Having the problem to the extremity of “ disappearing audio  parts”
me be as recent as my last system upgrade.

     Any thoughts?
          John Hyde
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