I wonder if anyone would have some suggestions regarding the following  

Win10 Fin26.0.1.655

Document preferences->Tuplets set to show number and bracket.  The same in 
Tuplets definition submenu. The bracket does NOT show up, unless the group is 
broken into smaller chunks.

There are lots of glissandos in the score. If using the line in Smart Shapes, 
it is often invisible, and does not remain attached to the notes it is supposed 
to connect. If using the wiggly (“bend”) shape, it is much better visually, but 
even harder to place properly, as it even reverts to vertical if the space 
between the notes is smaller.

These glissandos often go to a grace note. It would be desirable to have a bit 
more space to show the glissando. Moving the notes manually is useless, as the 
notes will jump back together the moment the next bar is clicked on.

Placing a dot on the note at the end of a slur moves the slur above the dot, 
which is not wanted. It takes a lot of fiddling to place the slur back where it 
belongs, and often it will revert to the other setting on its own.

I know it all sounds like pretty small stuff, but multiplied by over 40 staves 
it all adds up to becoming a major irritation! Thank you in advance for your 


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