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> On 3 Feb 2019, at 12:44, David H. Bailey 
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>> On 2/2/2019 7:04 PM, Robert Patterson wrote:
>> Yes it works in windows. You have to download the windows version. I don't
>> know the plugin folder in Windows but Program Options will show it.
> To find the folder location, open Finale, then under the Edit menu select 
> Preferences and in the dialog which opens next, click the word Folders.  That 
> will display a list of all the folders where various Finale items are stored, 
> including Plug-ins.  On my computer for Finale 26 the path is C:\Program 
> Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins.  Write down whatever your computer screen 
> shows for that folder location, then exit Finale.
> Drag the folder with the unzipped plug-ins into that Plug-ins folder. On my 
> computer the Patterson Lite plug-ins that install with Finale are inside the 
> Note, Beam, and Rest Editing folder, so the entire path for those is:
> C:\Program Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins\Note,Beam, and Rest 
> Editing\Patterson Plug-ins Lite.  To the best of my knowledge you can drag 
> your new Patterson Plug-ins folder to any location within the Plug-ins folder 
> and that's how it will appear in the Plug-ins Menu within Finale.  So if you 
> put them in their own Patterson Plug-ins folder under the main Plug-ins 
> folder they should have their own heading in the Plug-ins menu.
> Start Finale, and the Patterson Plug-ins should now be available to you.
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