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>> On 2/2/2019 7:04 PM, Robert Patterson wrote:
>> Yes it works in windows. You have to download the windows version. I don't
>> know the plugin folder in Windows but Program Options will show it.
> To find the folder location, open Finale, then under the Edit menu select 
> Preferences and in the dialog which opens next, click the word Folders.  That 
> will display a list of all the folders where various Finale items are stored, 
> including Plug-ins.  On my computer for Finale 26 the path is C:\Program 
> Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins.  Write down whatever your computer screen 
> shows for that folder location, then exit Finale.
I Close finale at this point how do I get to my finale plug ins folder at this 
Thanks appreciate your help 
In my search bottom left in windows it can’t find the file not sure how to drag 
the folder ?
> Drag the folder with the unzipped plug-ins into that Plug-ins folder. On my 
> computer the Patterson Lite plug-ins that install with Finale are inside the 
> Note, Beam, and Rest Editing folder, so the entire path for those is:
> C:\Program Files\MakeMusic\Finale\26\Plug-ins\Note,Beam, and Rest 
> Editing\Patterson Plug-ins Lite.  To the best of my knowledge you can drag 
> your new Patterson Plug-ins folder to any location within the Plug-ins folder 
> and that's how it will appear in the Plug-ins Menu within Finale.  So if you 
> put them in their own Patterson Plug-ins folder under the main Plug-ins 
> folder they should have their own heading in the Plug-ins menu.
> Start Finale, and the Patterson Plug-ins should now be available to you.
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