Problem 1:

What if you double click on the 1st measure using the Measure Tool.  Then 
choose Always Hide Time Signature.  Does that work for you?

J D Thomas

> On Mar 6, 2019, at 10:13 AM, Michael Lawlor <> wrote:
> [Finale 2014.5]
> This is something I have done before with no problems, but just cannot figure 
> it out at the moment.  I have created an exercise in semibreves (whole notes) 
> and do not want a time signature to appear.  I edit staff attributes and 
> untick time signature in items to display but it has no effect on the time 
> signature of the first stave.  I have done this for all the staves and it 
> works, except for the first one.  I have tried switching it back on and off 
> again and it has no effect; I have created a new staff, named it, hidden the 
> time signature and entered the notes of the first stave from scratch (not 
> copy-paste).  This works until I delete the original, offending stave and the 
> time signature appears on the first stave again.
> Problem two
> In this same exercise, I set it up just choosing four of the same 
> instruments.  Finale appends numbers after the duplicate staff names, but 
> when I try to change the staff names (using edit full staff name ...), they 
> change except for the sequence number.  In score manager, I can see the 
> correct staff name in the "full name" in the panel at the bottom for the 
> selected staff but the one with the sequence number in the instrument list at 
> the top.
> What have I missed?
> Thanks in advance of a solution.
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