At 22:30 Uhr +0000 13.01.2002, Finlay Dobbie wrote:
>On Sunday, January 13, 2002, at 10:21  pm, Max Horn wrote:
>>Apple is claiming to work towards POSIX, but so far I haven't seen 
>>much on that front.
>They have claimed that? When? In fact, I think I've heard them claim 
>quite the opposite: that they don't care about being POSIX 
>compliant, just so long as they are compliant enough for the things 
>they need to work (i.e. Carbon/Cocoa/Java).

Well, some Apple workers were claiming that they were trying to 
become more POSIX compliant if where they can do so easily, but that 
it's a fairly low priority. Given the fact that the programmers 
working on OS X are extremly reluctant to make any changes, even to 
broken things, unless they really have to (seems the internal clima 
isn't very well currentyl...), I think the chances of seeing much 
here is pretty slim. This extends to such simple changes as getting 
rid of the need to #include <sys/types.h>, which would only require 
changing a few other sys/*.h files. Oh well.

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