On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Max Horn wrote:

> At 6:06 Uhr -0700 22.01.2002, Jeff Whitaker wrote:
> >Folks:  I'm working on xfree86-base-4.2.0 and xfree86-server-4.2.0
> >packages.
> Uhm... bad coordination, I guess. I started the work on this two days
> ago, and I am in the testing phase right now :)

Sorry - should have checked with you first.

> >  All is fine with the base package, but the server package will
> >not build if fink's make package is installed.  What's the best way to
> >deal with this?  We have a BuildDepends, but not a BuildConflicts.

I've fixed this following Martin's suggestion (make

> The problem with BuildConflicts is that it opens a whole can of
> problems implementation wise. I thought about it before, and we
> definitly want it, but it's far more complicated than BuildDepends if
> one wants to do it properly.

Yes, I can see how it would be more difficult.

> >
> >The server package will build both the full-screen and the rootless
> >server, so we won't need the rootless package anymore.
> However, make sure you get a clear transition... in particular, you
> should enabled the libgl support in xfree86-server. This in turn
> might cause transition problems.,

Here's how I've done it:

Package: xfree86-server
Version: 4.2.0
Revision: 1
Depends: xfree86-base
Provides: libgl
Conflicts: xfree86-rootless, xfree86, libgl
Replaces: xfree86-rootless

It will replace your xfreee86-rootless install if you have one, and also
provides libgl.

Does this seem reasonable?

BTW:  I've also patched in pthreads support.  I sent Torrey Lyons the
patch for this a month or so ago, and he said it was too late to make it
into 4.2.

I'm testing it right now - if it behaves itself I'll commit the new
packages to unstable by the end of the day so you can try it out.  Or
would you rather I just email you the packages so you can merge in
whatever changes you have made?



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