At 10:36 Uhr -0700 22.01.2002, Jeff Whitaker wrote:
>On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Max Horn wrote:
>>  At 6:06 Uhr -0700 22.01.2002, Jeff Whitaker wrote:
>>  >Folks:  I'm working on xfree86-base-4.2.0 and xfree86-server-4.2.0
>>  >packages.
>>  Uhm... bad coordination, I guess. I started the work on this two days
>>  ago, and I am in the testing phase right now :)
>Sorry - should have checked with you first.

Well and maybe I should have announced it (only mentioned it on our 
IRC channel).

>  >
>>  >  All is fine with the base package, but the server package will
>>  >not build if fink's make package is installed.  What's the best way to
>>  >deal with this?  We have a BuildDepends, but not a BuildConflicts.
>I've fixed this following Martin's suggestion (make



>  > However, make sure you get a clear transition... in particular, you
>>  should enabled the libgl support in xfree86-server. This in turn
>>  might cause transition problems.,
>Here's how I've done it:
>Package: xfree86-server
>Version: 4.2.0
>Revision: 1
>Depends: xfree86-base
>Provides: libgl
>Conflicts: xfree86-rootless, xfree86, libgl
>Replaces: xfree86-rootless
>It will replace your xfreee86-rootless install if you have one, and also
>provides libgl.
>Does this seem reasonable?

Did you try it and did it work?
Also, you should of course also update the -base package. Then make 
the server package depend on xfree86-base (>=4.2.0).

>BTW:  I've also patched in pthreads support.  I sent Torrey Lyons the
>patch for this a month or so ago, and he said it was too late to make it
>into 4.2.

Sure. Luckily, thought a lot of our patches can go away with 4.2.0 now, fine.
BTW, you saw I hope that I have already uploaded the sources some 
days ago to SourceForge, i.e. you can use the same URLs as for the 
current xfree86-packages (except of course replacing 410 with 420)

>I'm testing it right now - if it behaves itself I'll commit the new
>packages to unstable by the end of the day so you can try it out.  Or
>would you rather I just email you the packages so you can merge in
>whatever changes you have made?

My only concern with adding it to unstable now is that some people 
*definitly* will go and grab it immediatly. if all works out fine, 
that is not a problem, but with XFree86 it's very easy to get some 
annoying problems, and then we get loads of complaints. So maybe 
first email it to me.

Don't forget to change maintainer field to you, though :)


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