At 10:53 Uhr -0700 22.01.2002, Jeff Whitaker wrote:


>  > >
>>  >BTW:  I've also patched in pthreads support.  I sent Torrey Lyons the
>>  >patch for this a month or so ago, and he said it was too late to make it
>>  >into 4.2.
>>  Sure. Luckily, thought a lot of our patches can go away with 4.2.0 
>>now, fine.
>>  BTW, you saw I hope that I have already uploaded the sources some
>>  days ago to SourceForge, i.e. you can use the same URLs as for the
>>  current xfree86-packages (except of course replacing 410 with 420)
>Oh - I had already added CustomMirrors to grab the source from the
>appropriate mirror.  Is there any reason for us to have our
>own copy ? (one of the mirrors is already

Well, in the past, there were troubles for people to get the sources. 
But if that all works fine now, that's fine to me, too. Maybe add our 
mirror (on prdownloads), too.

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