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>Subject: RE:  [Fink-devel] Re: [Fink-users] Calling mozilla
>From: Jean-François Mertens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>(Am not on the dev-list, and don't have Chris Devers' email _ may I bother
>you asking to forward this ? Very sorry.)
>A simple way with current fink is the following _ which I use (untested yet)
>for some packages that must be rebuild on a different partition (UFS
>Create (and install) a small package in the local tree containing lines like
>(add any number of packages you want to the Depends line):
>Type: bundle
>Depends: xfree86-base (= 4.2.0-4), xfree86-rootless (= 4.2.0-2)
>Description: Prevents automatic update...
>Jean-Francois Mertens

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