At 8:57 Uhr -0600 23.04.2002, Justin Hallett wrote:
>as far as I'm concerned if you can compile it, and run it why worry about
>the warnings.  I think it would be better to try and keep as close as the
>author intended it to be.

In addition, more than once have I encountered cases in which there 
were actually problems caused by multiple symbols and the wrong one 
being used. A typical example is a package that uses ncurse, but has 
-lm before -lcurses. Since OS X' libm is just a link to the system 
lib, which also contains a curses implementation (with less features 
than ncurses, though), this caused the affected app to use a mix of 
function, which lead to a bus error. Had I disabled this warning, I 
might never have found it.


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