At 14:24 Uhr -0700 24.04.2002, Ben Hines wrote:
>At 8:59 AM -0600 4/24/02, Justin Hallett wrote:
>>I think the only real reason there to release >0.4 is the bootstrap fail.
>>It's the only issue that could potentially render fink unusable for some
>>new users.  Don't get me wrong I think the other problems should be fixed
>As opposed to the passwd problem, which can render entire OS X 
>systems unusable for some new users?
>I disagree, i think we should release a .4.0a ASAP, not one month, 
>more like now, for  this issue alone.

The bindist has the correct passwd package, BTW. And since source 
bootstrapping is currently not possible... go figure.

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