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> > On Apr 8, 2019, at 11:30 AM, Dario Panada <>
> wrote:
> > I two initial numpy grids (n*n*n) where each value corresponds to a
> source/sink. Eg: Given my source grid and coordinates (1,2,3) having value
> 5, I want to set such value as a source in FiPy.
> That wasn't my question. When you publish your research, is your paper
> going to say "We put a source at array index (1,2,3)"? Why did you put it
> there? What physical process would you be modeling by having a source at
> index (1,2,3)? Would that physical process be changed by modeling a
> 40x40x40 grid?
DP: That would be diffusion of solubles from blood vessels (endothelial
cells). Specifically, glucose or oxygen. It wouldn't change significantly
be increasing it to a 40x40x40 grid, you'd just be simulating a larger
section of tissue.

> > I suppose I could build the entire vector of sources before and then
> doing a single assignment to _array, but again you correctly mentioned that
> relying on that is bad practice.
> If you assign to _array, I will change the FiPy codebase for the sole,
> spiteful purpose of breaking your code.
DP: English is my first language but I think that's some tough sarcasm to
tell me not to do that. In that case, I'll happily take advice on *proper* ways
of achieving the same result so as not to cumber the dev team with
unnecessary refactoring.

So, in essence, I have a 20x20x20 grid of values. I want to somehow input
these values into a 20x20x20 structured mesh in the CellVariable object.
The fact that the approach might not work in unstructured meshes isn't
concerning because I don't require that feature. Setting values in
*_array *appears
to work but is not an acceptable solution. From the previous exchange with
Martin, using the *value* property appears possible, although raveling
indexes has also been discouraged. So, any advice?

> > You mention:
> >
> > sourceGrid[..., i] = sourceRate
> >
> > Can I just please confirm what data type sourceGrid is? In the context
> of defining the equation
> sourceGrid is a CellVariable
> >
> > eq = TransientTerm() == DiffusionTerm(coeff=D) + sourceGrid - sinkGrid
> >
> > Can sourceGrid/sinkGrid just be numpy arrays or even simple python
> lists? I was under the impression they had to be CellVariable objects but
> could be wrong.
> sourceGrid and sinkGrid must be CellVariables.
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