Ok, I'll say how I do it, but it's not the best way at all, really not.
I download the two versions (32x & 64x) which I decompress in each in a temporary sub-folder.

For the 64x version, after stopping the FB4 service, I copy the whole folder without the .conf or security4.fdb in the FB4 installation folder and restart the service.

The 32x version only serves as a container for IBExpert which I configured to take the default fbclient.dll in it.

Since you used the installer for the 1436, you need to replace the dll fbclient and gds32 in the folder system32 / wow64 because the version 1436 is not compatible with the 1817.

PS: sometimes, there are changes in the configuration files and it is preferable, from time to time, to make a windiff or other :-).

PS2: I also load the linux version (http://web.firebirdsql.org/download/snapshot_builds/linux/fbtrunk/) to have the latest version of firebird.pas

Norbert Saint Georges

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