On 2018-02-16 19:13, Norman Dunbar wrote:
On 14/02/18 08:01, Mark Rotteveel wrote:

Q3. Anyone else seen this? With a clean build? Oracle Java 9?

The build doesn't work with Java 9. In any case, it works OK for me with Java 8, on Windows.

Ok, good news there. I've downgraded Java to Java 8, removed the
fork="true" additions and built the docs again. No problems. So I'll
stick with Java 8 for now.

I might even try to learn some Ant stuff! Maybe. Perhaps.

A possible workaround is to add dir="${html.dir}" to the java task in the html task (when fork="true", this will use that as the current working directory), I haven't tested it though. However, I'm not sure if forking may cause other issues, so maybe we should tread carefully here.

No worries. I didn't try this option as the Java 8 one worked fine.
I've reverted the build.xml back to how it was and it's fine. As you
mention, what other issues could have been unleashed!

In any case, maybe we should look at updating ant (and maybe some of the other dependencies).

We need an Ant guru then! :-)

I have a bit of experience with ant. I was considering to do some experiments to either upgrade ant, or maybe try and replace the ant build file with a gradle build file, and at the same time remove the need for the separate libs.zip and tools.zip download (both Ant and Gradle can download dependencies on demand from a remote repository). That might also make it easier to upgrade things in the future.

But it is a matter of time and energy, and I'm a bit low on both at the moment.


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