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I tried to translate a small project from docbook to asciidoc.

Conversion was successful, but some moments had to be finalized manually.

Yes, some tweaks are needed. It might be possible that these are things that can be improved in the conversion tool itself. If you used https://github.com/asciidoctor/docbookrx then you may want to consider reporting issues there.

Then I tried to generate html, it turned out well even with standard styles.

I tried to generate a PDF it turned out to be acceptable, but I do not really like the default font. I think if you really want to translate the documentation to asciidoc, then the community needs to work out and set up a PDF generation style.

That would certainly be the intent yes.

The syntax highlight works well, but what to do with languages ​​that are not represented as standard. How to set your own keywords for the syntax highlighting PSQL?

That would be something to investigate. AsciiDoctor itself utilizes external syntax highlighting libraries (options are coderay, highlightjs, prettify, and pygments), and this would probably involve adding support for PSQL to (one of) those highlighters. Alternatively, one could just tag it with SQL and live with the deficiencies.

And I would also like to know if there are IDEs for creating such documentation. I mean WYSIWYG, and not just highlight the syntax of asciidoc as in Nodepad++. On the other hand asciidoc itself is more readable than docbook.

I'm not aware of any WYSIWYG editors for asciidoc, just editors with options for a (nearly) live preview. For example Visual Studio Code + AsciiDoc plugin by João Pinto, AsciidocFX, IntelliJ + AsciiDoc plugin, and probably others.

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