On the grounds of experimenting, I've been able to install asciidoctor and asciidoctor-pdf at work and I'm quite impressed now at how well it has come on since I last looked at it.

I would like to be able to convert to EPUBs as well as HTML and PDF, but it's proving a tad difficult to get the asciidoctor-epub3 to install. There are dependency hell problems (on Windows as well as Linux).

I'm extremely impressed at how (relatively) easy is seems to be to amend a PDF theme, I've made one for work based on the default but with a few small changes to add a logo to the title page, headers and footers etc, and a minor adjustment to the base font size and line size to match. Very nice - at least my boss was impressed!

I did have to change the justification to left though as I was getting those badly justified lines too often for comfort.

I did think about printing out the HTML User Guide - 340 odd pages though, and that's a tad excessive for my little inkjet!

So, enough waffling, I'm thinking that asciidoc(tor) now gets my vote to be honest, It's quicker than running XMLMind with Paul's caveats obviously. So if we decide to change, I'm all for it.


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