Dear Plamen,

Thank you for the encouragement in the spirit of 'Fare Thee Well',
rather than 'Adieu, Dear Friend, A......', I suspect.

I am attaching my presentation with the qualification that:

The first half of the presentation explicitly constructs a new information
theory applying at the apex of biological control systems, showing how it
conforms to properties of experience postulated by Kant, Husserl, Chalmers
and others; the second half applies the information structure to
human-animal mind-to-mind communications from recent decades.

I hope that everyone will find this novel approach pertinent.
All good wishes,

Alex Hankey

On 23 April 2016 at 13:45, Dr. Plamen L. Simeonov <> wrote:

> Dear Pedro, Alex and Colleagues,
> thank you for this introduction of the next round on physics and
> phenomenology with Alex' challenging theory. I’d like to share with you a
> curious blog by Phillip Ball which a friend dropped me earlier this
> morning:
> Farewell, Alex!
> Plamen
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