On Feb 25th 2006 Andreas Rønning wrote:
> This is very serious. The majority of my work is kiosk apps.
> Any more details on this, official Macromedia stance on it? Future fixes?

Does anyone have more information on this? For instance what kind of
features or media types or actionscript are causing the leak?

We have a flash 8 application that has to be able to run for months
without rebooting, but was leaking memory at 31Mb/hour! I realized I
still had a textarea logger running but having removed that it is still
leaking at 5MB/hour.

We've tried running it as Flash 7, and also tried disabling all flv
movies, but it still seems to leak at the same rate. Does that sound
like something wrong we're doing in the actionscript (e.g. somehow
holding on to references so stopping the garbage collector freeing the
memory?) or like a player bug?

Is there a way to force the garbage collector to run? (our application
often has the CPU near 100% - I wondered if garbage collection only
happens when the CPU is quiet?)

Has anyone seen the memory leak go away when switching to zinc or a
similar projector?

Any advice would be very welcome,


>> Marcelo Volmaro wrote:
>> Well, unless you used a lot of the new FX, i recommend you going back
>> to the v7 player. The v8 has a lot of errors/memory leaks, mostly of
>> them related to the new bitmap engine.
>> I recently had to change a lot of code that takes advantage of the new
>> system to the old one, because a lot of things breaks badly.
>> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006 15:32:51 -0300, Joe Cutting <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>    I think I've found a memory leak in the Flash player on the PC.
>>> I made a fairly simple animation (no actionscript) and built a
>>> projector and when I run
>>> it in a loop the amount of memory needed continues to rise. (as
>>> measured using Task Manager).
>>> I'm using Flash Player version 8,0,22,0 on Windows XP professional.
>>> Has anyone else experienced this, or even better found a cure?
>>> If there is no cure then this is pretty serious for anyone using
>>> flash in a kiosk type situation.
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