Back again.

Well, I *thought* it was working...
What do you guys make of a situation where a movie works in Test Movie
but not from the web server? Here's the deal:

variable1:String populates textField1  (initial value = " ")
variable2:String populates textField2  (initial value = " ")
variable3:String populates textField3  (initial value = "Click on a
photo to learn more about the person")

Variables get changed according to button clicks.

When I run Test Movie, the first two fields are blank as expected and
the third one shows the instructional text as set by the variable.

Publish... upload to server... clear browser cache to be sure...
But now:

first two fields say "ee"
third one says "undefined"

Clicking buttons, which should rewrite the text fields, also gives the
same results.

For the record, text fields one and two just have uppercase glyphs
embedded, whilst the third one has upper and lower case, numerals, and
punctuation. These choices are appropriate to the text that the button
clicks will enter.

So, why will it work in test but not online?

Rick Lecoat

Original message:
Received from Adrian Park on 5/7/06 at 10:54

>Glad to be of help Rick.
>On the font embedding thing v. the font being installed on your machine, I'm
>pretty sure that if you specify a font but don't embed any characters then
>Flash will use the installed font but if you embed then Flash will only look
>to the embedded characters for display and will ignore the installed version
>of the font. Hope that makes sense!
>Good luck with your deadline!

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