I have used the tree extensively on my own website and am pretty disappointed in
Adobe.  What is the alternative to a tree component in CS3 within the Adobe
world - is there something in Flex which replaces it?

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Yes, who would have believed that Flash CS3 would yield AS3 components that

   - a reduced set of UI components from AS2
    - no data components
   - elimination of databinding

And as Randy points out, all this in the run up to Microsoft's Silverlight
release.  Based on my decades of experience in the computer industry, my
opinion is that Microsoft does not necessarily win, so much as their
competition fails.  I see Adobe's abandoning the commitment to provide a
comprehensive, updated component set in-product with Flash CS3 as just such
a failure.



P.S.  Since Adobe abandoned Flash data components for AS3, I am proceeding
on the assumption that it is illogical that they would now provide an AS3
remoting update for Flash.

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